6 Things That Happen While Job Hunting In New York

#1 Send Your Resume Everywhere Rachel Resume Looking for a job in New York takes a lot of energy, so no need to waste it by applying for jobs you don’t even want! Sending a lot of applications is fine, as long as you narrow your search down to one particular field. Putting your goals in writing will help you define them and present your unique skills to the world!

#2 Get No Answer tumblr_mp05zzX4bz1swrcnyo1_500Just because you sent 100 resumes doesn’t mean you will get 100 answers. Not hearing back from potential employers is actually normal in the City. You are going to start wishing they said “NO” rather than giving you the silent treatment. Stay strong, this is just New York’s way to encourage you to get out there and meet as many people as possible instead of hiding behind a computer. Sending online applications is not the only thing you should be doing!

#3 Cry A Little…Drink A Lot Beyonc_Why_Don39t_You_Love_Me__f09ae48ca1f6f82e8d60c65dacfb13e5 Being ignored is the worst feeling in the world. Allow yourself a few tears, but only for little bit! Look at the bright side: the frustration of being unnoticed will turn you into a networking machine. Since meeting the right people is half of the struggle while looking for a job in New York, going out and dancing your troubles away is more than acceptable…I actually recommend it!

4# Meet Someone Who Knows Everyone Gatsby Sooner or later, you will meet your New York Guardian Angel, and this person will be more helpful than a thousand cover letters. She or he’s waiting at this party you don’t want to attend because you don’t know anyone, or sitting next to you at Starbucks while you’re busy Instagramming your Latte. Be open to your surroundings and the universe will reward you!

5# Go To Your First Interview tumblr_mvs85eygsq1qg1qx9o2_250 When it’s finally time for your first New York interview, your ability to keep the conversation flowing can make the difference between you and your competitors. So before shaking your future boss’s hand, make sure to step your New York game up! Open a Time Out New York magazine to learn about the latest MOMA exhibit, the lineup of the upcoming Governors Ball, or anything that says “I’m ready for this City.”

6# Explain You Need a Visa…And Immediately Regret It Leelo Please Help So you were nailing your interview… until you mentioned that you need the company to sponsor you for a visa. Rookie mistake! As you become what I like to call a professional job hunter, you will realize that the less information your share about immigration status the better. Let people fall in love with you before revealing administrative details that might scare them away and make you look desperate.


Now that you know what to expect while job hunting in the City, go ahead and run this town!


4 thoughts on “6 Things That Happen While Job Hunting In New York

  1. i just found a new job, but i went through every single of these steps during the past few months (didn’t cry..). I’d insist on an important point: get your ass off the chair, get out and meet people. Networking is crucial. This is how things will move forward quickly.

  2. Haha I just died laughing!! This is SO true, especially when you go through all the bullshit to arrive at #6. I learned very quickly to keep my mouth shut about the visa 😉 Great advice throughout – it’s all who you know.

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