10 New York Facts That Every Girl Should Know

#1 Thanking Strangers Who Are Being Nice Is Safe nicki Where I’m from, thanking or smiling to that random guy who said something nice is not always the best idea. In New York, not only strangers wish you “a blessed day,” but you can politely answer without the fear of being chased down to your door step.

#2 In Fact, If No One Compliments You…Something Is Wrong braxton-hotmess If you’re looking good, New Yorkers will let you know. You didn’t get your daily dose of “Damn girl” on your way to work today? You may want to reconsider your outfit, makeup, or attitude.

#3 Promoters Are Your Best Friends satc3414 In some countries, inviting girls to the club and showering them with free drinks all night could be the definition of pimpin’. In New York, this is a normal job and there is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy it!

#4 Hair Blowouts Are Life Savers summerbey2 There is no such thing as a bad hair day in New York; you can get it done anywhere! For girls on a budget, you only need 20 dollars to look like Queen Bee in neighborhoods like Chinatown or Washington Heights.

#5 Paying Full Price For Clothes Is Not Normal shopping Sales here are an ongoing event! So before buying that Michael Kors purse full price, take a trip to Century 21, Marshalls, or other outlet shops outside of the City to find your happiness for less!

#6 Dating Multiple People Is Ok  

jessa-girls-attractedSeeing more than one person at the same time would be something you do on the low in many other cities in the world. No need to sneak around in New York: dating and being in a relationship are two different things!

#7 “You Look Skinny” Is A Compliment skinny bitches The first time someone told me I was skinny, I worried about my health and ran to Shake Shack. But don’t get it twisted: “skinny” is the new “thin” in the City.  It’s the ultimate compliment, especially coming from another woman or a gay man.

#8 “Natural Flavor” Labels Don’t Mean Shit liar When you are a country girl like me, you are not expecting food labels to be sneaky. Here, “Natural Flavor” labels don’t mean that a certain product was made with natural ingredients; it only says that it tastes like it was.

#9 Brunch Is An Excuse For Day Drinking Zooey-Drink-Quote In most places, brunch is supposed to cure your hangover with a nice omelet and fresh squeezed orange juice, but brunch in New York is an extension of your Saturday night; it involves unlimited alcohol and dancing on tables.

#10 Mani/Pedis Will Improve Your Social Life nails You will not be judged as shallow for rocking a neo orange or pastel pink at work. You will be respected for it. Getting your nails done is not a superficial activity in Manhattan: it’s a conversation starter with your boss, random girls on the train, and a Girl Power statement.


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