Living In New York: Friends vs. Real Life

I will forever be grateful for my amazing sister who introduced me to Friends and made me watch every single episode when I was barely 10 years old. Needless to say I quickly got addicted, and would probably not speak fluent English or be able to work in the US if it wasn’t for Rachel, Monica and the whole gang.

But is life in the City really like our favorite group of amigos made it look like? Let’s play a game called Friends vs. Real Life to find out…


 In Friends: Staying home with all your roommates is awesome


In Reality: Your place is a closet and your roommates are either busy or weird.

This is for the best: the City is too big and fun to stay in with the same people all the time!

Friends 0 / Real Life 1

2.       THE GYM

In Friends: You can’t quit it

b311ca6185f8582808c981d4ec639817 (1)

In Reality: You really can’t quit it (I tried)

Just because you pay for the gym doesn’t mean you will actually go. Remember this when athletic New Yorkers make you feel guilty about your lifestyle.

Friends 1 / Real Life 1


In Friends: The coffee shop is the place to be

Chandler coffee

In Reality: Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Unless you need free wifi, you will grab your coffee on the go like the true New Yorker you have become.

Friends 1 / Real Life 2


In Friends: They are awkward


In Reality: They can be awkward if they happen at all

I already told you, interviews don’t line up easily, but when you do get one, make sure you don’t kiss your potential new boss

Friends 2 / Real Life 2


In Friends: Your friends are all White Americans

White people

In Reality: You live in the most diverse City in the world and your friends are from all over the place

 It’s actually easier to meet international people than Americans in New York. Foreigners are like you: supa dupa excited to be here and eager to make friends.

Friends 2 / Real Life 3

6.       TURNING 30

In Friends: It’s the worst thing in the world

Joey bday

In Reality: It’s still the worst, but no one acts like they are 30 anyway

Thirty year old New Yorkers still live with roommates, are afraid of commitment and don’t know what they really want out of life…just like most Friends characters!

Friends 3 / Real Life 3

7.       DATING

 In Friends: Hooking up with everyone in your group is fine


In Reality:  Hooking up with strangers you met on Tinder is better

When New York life gets tough on you, you will need real friends and won’t have time for ambiguous relationships

Friends 3 / Real Life 4

8.       BLACKOUTS

In Friends: Blackouts are fun


In Reality: Blackouts are fun if they don’t last as long as Sandy

Blackouts, blizzards, super storms…once a year, there is something that allows New Yorkers to catch up on life and candle lit dinners.

Friends 5 / Real Life 5

9.       ROOFTOPS

In Friends: You can get stuck on them

help us rooftop

In Reality: You can get stuck on them while tanning in a bikini

Make sure you always have your cellphone with you when you go on a rooftop, unless you want to climb down the fire escape in a bathing suit.

Friends 6 / Real Life 5


In Friends: You know the pizza delivery lady


In Reality: You know the pizza, sushi, Chinese, Indian, Thai and Turkish guy

Chandler and Joey didn’t have Seamless back then, but they still mastered the art of getting food delivered fast and at any given time like true New Yorkers.

Friends 7 / Real Life 5

Verdict: Friends definitely idealizes certain aspects of New Yorkers’ lives, but mostly paints a hilarious picture of their daily habits.

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