15 Questions That New Yorkers Ask While Traveling

Independence Day is coming up and it’s that time of the year when New Yorkers venture out of their respective boroughs to see the world – or just the Hamptons for the least curious. They will be back on their City grind right on time for Labor Day, telling their friends all the fun they had discovering a new culture, a new cuisine and new people. But here are 15 questions that all New Yorkers – including me – will ask while traveling abroad or to unknown territories this summer:


#1 What do you mean there is no Wifi?


#2 What about a Starbucks then? No?

starbucks not fair

#3 Is the AC broken?

nelly hot in herre

#4 No cabs? But how do you get around?


#5 Is Sunday some sort of special here because everything seems to be closed?

dior closed

#6 Why are people so slow?

what is ur problem

#7 Would you mind taking a selfie with me?


#8 Are you sure this is the right address because I don’t see any cross street?


#9 Is the TV working because I can’t find the local version of Real Housewives?


#10 Where is the nearest bodega?


#11 Is this gluten-free?

butter carb

#12 Why is the wine so cheap?


#13 How can you not have any vegan option on your menu?


#14 How hard is it to find a decent juice bar up in here?

this place is full of shit

#15 Oh my God, I’m so over New York, should I move here?


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