10 Dos And Don’ts For Foreigners In The USA

To avoid any awkwardness when you are a foreigner moving to the US or simply visiting, it’s better to be slightly prepared. While some of the things you would never consider doing in your home country are totally OK here, others that seem normal can be weird to Americans.

Here are my top 10 Dos and Don’ts that should help you fit in:


#1 Smoking In Public: DON’T

funny-gif-chandler-quit-smokingIn the rest of the world, non-smokers apologize for not having a lighter, in the US they make smokers apologize for existing.

#2 Correcting Americans’ pronunciation of foreign words: DO

tumblr_mh1k7zrCpu1rhczg2o1_500Americans will let you know when your English sounds off, plus they need to start taking foreign languages seriously!

#3 Kissing someone you just met on the cheek: DON’T

hug scandalThe ultimate greeting rules should always be: hand shake someone you just met, hug someone you know, and kiss someone you love.

#4 Talking about how food tastes better outside of the USA: DO

macaronBecause nobody should think that grapes or oranges naturally grow without seeds.

#5 Talking about religion with people you barely know: DON’T

mirandavirginmaryIn a country where everyone is easily offended, religion is not the best icebreaker.

#6 Wearing workout clothes when you don’t actually work out: DO

jloIt may not look as good as on J-Lo…but it’s totally accepted!

#7 Using slur words because you heard them in rap songs: DON’T

kanyeJust because you heard them on the radio doesn’t mean they are appropriate or don’t have a strong significance.

#8 Tipping even if the service was bad: DO
In most countries, you tip because you enjoyed the service. Here, you tip because it’s all the money waiters make.
#9  Eating dessert at every meal: DON’T
Dessert after lunch is not a thing in the US, skipping it should save you from +1 kilo a month rule.

10# Ask About People’s Day: DO

joey_how_you_doinStrangers asking how my day went used to feel like an invasion of my privacy, now I find them rude when they don’t.


Can you think of other Dos and Don’ts?


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