Can A Frenchie Enjoy An Upstate New York Getaway?


It’s that time of the year when summer comes and I feel like escaping to all these cool places that are technically close to New York but that I either A) Cannot afford, B) Don’t have enough vacation for or C) All of the above.  So this year looks like there won’t be any Charleston, New Orleans, or Savannah…#FirstWorldProblems

Here I am again, trying to find a last minute weekend get away near New York that is not the Hamptons or another hype destination that involves paying the same amount as a trip abroad to stay at a crowded beach and run into my coworkers. I had heard of the Catskill Mountains many times before and decided to give it a try.

After 3 years in New York City, I had never been on an upstate vacation until last weekend. As a Frenchie who grew up in Provence, I know that I am hard to please when it comes to exploring a new place. But not “American hard to please”…”French hard to please.” This means that I don’t care if the place I’m going to doesn’t have a King Size bed, air conditioning, or someone to cook and clean. I just want things to be authentic and have a history. Not cliche at all…right?

When I went to Cape Cod last year, even though the surroundings and nature were beautiful, I was annoyed to find most of the Bed & Breakfasts and restaurants by busy intersections. Unfortunately I have come to realize that this is most of the USA. Americans like to keep things convenient while Europeans find beauty in run down paths leading to absolutely nowhere. The house we rented in the Catskill Mountains did end up facing a road, which was once again hard to swallow for my French self. Why would anyone want that as a view when you have acres of forests and hills all around?

I knew I had to leave my “Euro woes” behind if I was going to enjoy my stay in the Catskill. After looking around, I realized that all the other houses were built the same way. I guess there’s something reassuring about being able to see what’s going on outside of your house for Americans, while Europeans value the privacy of their home above all. Our road was so quiet anyway, we could actually hear the peaceful sound of the stream running near by…so I got over myself.


The Catskill Mountains definitely felt like a true getaway although it’s only a 2 hour drive from the City. I hiked for hours, jumped in a beautiful swimming hole, chased waterfalls, admired breathtaking views from a reservoir, made friends with deers, and spent a few hours doing absolutely nothing, which is so underrated in New York.


Frenchies like me might be disappointed by the man-built sites while going to the Catskill Mountains or probably anywhere else upstate New York: don’t expect century-old churches in small mountain villages or restaurants hidden in the woods. But once you made your peace with it, the nature is worth the trip.


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15 Questions That New Yorkers Ask While Traveling

Independence Day is coming up and it’s that time of the year when New Yorkers venture out of their respective boroughs to see the world – or just the Hamptons for the least curious. They will be back on their City grind right on time for Labor Day, telling their friends all the fun they had discovering a new culture, a new cuisine and new people. But here are 15 questions that all New Yorkers – including me – will ask while traveling abroad or to unknown territories this summer:


#1 What do you mean there is no Wifi?


#2 What about a Starbucks then? No?

starbucks not fair

#3 Is the AC broken?

nelly hot in herre

#4 No cabs? But how do you get around?


#5 Is Sunday some sort of special here because everything seems to be closed?

dior closed

#6 Why are people so slow?

what is ur problem

#7 Would you mind taking a selfie with me?


#8 Are you sure this is the right address because I don’t see any cross street?


#9 Is the TV working because I can’t find the local version of Real Housewives?


#10 Where is the nearest bodega?


#11 Is this gluten-free?

butter carb

#12 Why is the wine so cheap?


#13 How can you not have any vegan option on your menu?


#14 How hard is it to find a decent juice bar up in here?

this place is full of shit

#15 Oh my God, I’m so over New York, should I move here?


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